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Hi I’m Angela I’m a life and personal development coach.  My coaching enables you to overcome, get free from stress, confusion, financial pressure, overwhelm or frustration. You gain clarity and control, and achieve results!

Angela is passionate about equipping and empowering individuals who are ready for change to breakthrough the obstacles and fears and create the extraordinary prosperous life that they dream of. Allowing you to produce amazing results by learning to improve personal awareness, performance and growth in areas of your life, career, business, or family and relationships.



You have aspiration?

You are not sleeping well at night?

You are facing challenges?

You are at a point of change in your life? 

Know things could be better but feeling stuck and frustrated?


I am here as coach to facilitate you to a better place whilst understanding you, what triggers you, why and how you self-sabotage yourself and more. 

My work can encompass all aspects of life – well-being, relationships, your money, and personal or professional development.

Part of my work is in the field of emotional intelligence with my clients, I am solution focused. My coaching style is reflective by nature with a mixture of intuitive coaching, biblical wisdom and use of proven coaching tools to achieve change. You will gain understanding, clarity and a refreshed belief in yourself. From working with me you are then able to take responsibility for your own life moving forward and what you personally wish for ahead, so you gain real results and live life with joy and purpose. I teach, cajole, facilitate, guide and encourage whilst holding you accountable and harnessing the power of your thinking so that you will make significant lasting changes in your life.


Angela's gift, life experiences and training, combined with my ability to truly listen and when needed cut to the chase whilst holding empathy has provided clients with success stories and tools to continue in their life journey.

How I can Help You


Each session is customised to your particular situation or need

Why Trust Me?

Before you start working with me, you may wish to know a little more about me. I am a certified Results Brain Based life coach, which aligns me with the International Coaching federation (ICF) I am also a facilitator of Sozo - trained in emotional Healer and Certified to teach emotional intelligence and behavioural coach through Evolve Leadership Coaching plus a certified Budget Advisor through Kingdom Resources. These are all tools available to me in my tool box  combined with my business and personnel life skills mixed together adds to my value and uniqueness as a coach to help you navigate life well... READ MORE

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Click here if you wish to see my Testimonies of how she has helped others. Angela works with clients throughout New Zealand via zoom online all over New Zealand or face to face for those of you in Tauranga.  





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