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Welcome my name is Angela, I am a Life Coach   "Changing Lives"

What I love and what motivates me is to see the individuals I work with moving forward – empowered, equipped and experiencing success. 


You have aspiration?

You facing challenges?

You are at a point of change in your life? 

I am here to facilitate you to a better place, reaching your life potential.

My work can encompass all aspects of life – health and well-being, relationships, finance, and personal or professional development.

My coaching style is a mixture of intuitive coaching and use of proven tools. You gain understanding, clarity and a refreshed belief in yourself.

You will take responsibility for your own life and what you personally wish, so you gain real results and live life with joy and purpose. I teach, cajole, facilitate, guide and encourage whilst holding you accountable and harnessing the power of your thinking so that you will make significant lasting changes in your life for the better.


My gift, life experiences and training, combined with my ability to cut to the chase and empathy has provided clients with success stories and tools to continue in their life journey.


How I can Help You


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