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Financial freedom and security can seem like an unattainable goal


   •     Gain control & order with your money for financial success?

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   •     Stop Living Payday to Payday?

   •     Relax and enjoy your retirement years?

         Reduce constantly withdrawing from your Business account?

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How I can help you

I am very passionate to see you succeed here, I have a wealth of experience in this area from my years helping others gain success here.  I can help you understand the roadblocks standing in your way of financial success and freedom. Together, we’ll clarify your goals, design a success plan to ensure you have direction and focus plus accountability to see it completed. You will be equipped, challenged plus gain confidence, peace of mind and be coached to achieve healthy money habits plus eliminate negative mindsets that hinder your progress forward. You will feel more energised with your new tools and knowledge to lead a more satisfying and stress-free life. One that you Love!

Financial Coaching Package options: Yor Personal Independent Money Coach

1-off financial coaching dilemma session around money.

2 x 60-minute sessions. within one month  
6 x 60-minute sessions, fortnightly over 3 months, plus future support call to ensure you are on track.
12 x 60-minute sessions, over 6 months, plus a future support call to ensure you are on track

They are tailored to your individual needs. To find out more do contact me.  They can also be done successfully via Skype

Change now to achieve financial freedom

CHANGE YOUR VIEW ON MONEY:  Our life experiences have also an impact on how we view money. This mindset plays a huge part in our financial success: 80% is psychology and 20% is a skill. I can help you with powerful coaching techniques and questions, reshape your views on money management, spending, and budgeting to help you reach your goals and coach you to success.

CHANGE YOUR TOOLS: By learning new skills and utilising the right software and tools, you can stay on track with your finances. I can help you acquire these tools, plus we’ll look at your current expenses and future opportunities in insurance, mortgages and investments.

 START TODAY NOT TOMORROW: I can motivate you to start making changes today and get you on the road to financial freedom.

Please note I am not a Financial Advisor, I will get you on the road to building wealth so you can take the next step and go see a Financial Advisor or property investor or bank manager, I will enable you to be clear on what you want to achieve with your money and what your next plan of action is.

In the past, I experienced money troubles

I was always naturally very good with money, but back in 1990 that all changed. I got married and discovered my new husband was frivolous with money, spending it on a whim without knowing where it went. This put a lot of stress on our finances and relationship.

Our first ten years of marriage our income was very low, and for nine months in that time, we were on Government Benefit. 

This kind of spending of my husbands was unlike anything I’d experienced, but over time, we created a plan to manage our finances and put in a system. With goals in mind, I’m happy to say the plan worked! We’re now the proud owners of a mortgage free home, have had a rental property and funded our daughter to be able to study in Melbourne and are putting our son through University. We have saved & worked hard and have traveled also to Europe as a family four times, no credit card debt.

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Financial life coaching seminars & workshops

You can help spread the message of been able to achieve financial independence by hiring me to speak to your business, your staff, or your organisation, stress-free staff well overall benefit the productivity for your business and can come under Staff Well-being as part of what you offer your team. 

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Angela taught me how banks really work, and after changing banks, I’ll have my personal loan paid off in just a year! I even have a small savings account and Kiwisaver. I can’t thank Angela enough - she’s changed everything. Working with her was such a pleasure, she’s really down to earth and approachable.

- John Perkins   more testimonials