Leadership Coaching Seminars & Workshops

 Nelson 1st Dec 2018 9.30am -3pm  Venue. Suter Art Gallery

 Auckland 6th Dec 2018 8.30am -12.30 Venue. Novotel Hotel

Tauranga 8th Dec 2018 9.30am - 3pm. Venue. Hellier Centre

Your Financial Freedom - In Action: only $97

Beliefs + Practical Tools = Freedom

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Instead of feeling trapped and silently stressing and acting like you have it all together, isn't it time to make the decision to be on top of your finances once and for all? To take action and stop tolerating stuff.

Does the thought of money overwhelm you? Are you spending more than you earn? or are you worried about your retirement years? Have dreams but never seem to be getting there?
If your answer is yes to any of this. Then this workshop is for you.

Imagine a life where money doesn’t have you at any level?? You cannot put a dollar value on that!

How many people do you know that complain about their money in their business or pertains life?

 Some feedback.

"Your enthusiasm and knowledge to help people in this area is inspiring"
"Your knowledge and personality made the workshop fun and interactive and personal to our own individual journey and beliefs" 
"Found the workshop enlightening & very worthwhile a catalyst I believe to action & change
"My full attention was caught for the whole session...love your passion..."

Do you want your team to be motivated and inspired? I can help. With my passion for leadership coaching throughout the country, I can help your team generate innovative strategies to implement at home or work.

I am a trained qualified Coach under the umbrella of the International Coaching Federation. I am experienced to help you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles that may challenge you along the way

Together, we will work with your team to change habits, mindsets and productivity. Not only does this motivate your colleagues or teammates, it will help you learn meaningful leadership strategies to keep everyone around you actively engaged and productive

Focus Areas: 2019 dates not yet out

  1.    One Day Retreat -  "Financial Freedom To Soar"
  2.    2.5 hrs Workshop -  "Financial Freedom Unleashed"  
  3.    2 hrs -   "How to Set & Achieve Goals" 
  4.    3 hrs - "Work, Life Balance - living by your personal code" = Freedom
  5.    90mins - "Silencing Your Inner Dialogue To Live a Life Empowered"

Seminar 20th November 2018

  1.    Emotional Intelligence. To be held in Nelson. Click for further details.  https://www.ntbt.co.nz/event/lunch-learn-november-2018

Each speaking engagement or workshop can be tailored to your needs if required, whether you’re a large company or small organisation.

Mastermind Group

This is an Action & Support Group, for a small dynamite group of six women that meets fortnightly via zoom for six months.  Let’s be honest and not kid ourselves, it’s hard being a successful businesswoman by yourself. It’s not unachievable, but it’s a lot of hard work. On the other hand, having a support team you can rely on to help you push through is an amazing resource.  If this interests you. CLICK TO LEARN MORE HERE

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Emotional Intelligence Workshop       

Achieving a Heathier Work Life Balance Presentation

Leadership Seminar

Becoming Money$Wise Seminar

How to Set & Achieve powerful Goals presentation

Your Financial Freedom Unleashed Workshop