You may be in a position where your personal debt or mortgage is getting in the way of achieving financial freedom. Then you need a plan, one that won’t compromise your lifestyle.

Here are five simple steps to eliminate personal debt.

  1. Keep your debt in check. If you have credit cards with outstanding balances, discipline yourself to use only one or two. Any new charges must be paid off every month, plus the minimum payment for the existing debt.
  2. Increase your cash. What can you do to earn an extra $200 per month? By increasing your income with a side job or by cutting back on your discretionary spending (the fun non-essentials, like those third pair of boots or that extra coffee today), earning extra income can be relatively easy to do.
  3. Focus on one. With the extra $200 each month, apply that to your monthly payment on only one of your credit cards. For that one card, you’ll be paying the minimum payment plus the extra $200, clearing your debt faster.
  4. Continue the pattern. Once your first card is paid off, continue that method on your next card. With each debt you pay off, apply the full amount you were paying on that debt to the payment of your next debt. As you pay off each debt, your existing debt is cleared quicker.
  5. Tackle all debt. Once all your credit card debt is paid off, continue the same methods with any other debts you may have, like your car or HP debts. When you follow this procedure, you’ll be amazed at the shortened amount of time it takes to be completely debt-free.

Time to build your wealth. Now that you are completely debt-free, take the monthly amount you were paying on your last debt and put that money toward investments or to an existing investment or a new investment plan. Get your money working for you.

To talk more about this, take advantage of my no obligation complimentary 30 minute “Discovery Session” where you can see if Money Coaching would be right for you.  If you are ready for change and want to be on the road to financial freedom and would like to know how I can help then get in touch soon.

To you success!  Angela