I was having a chat in the week to my friend as we both keep hearing how everyone is saying they are hectic life has got so busy at the moment, work is busy and everyone wants everything done yesterday. Many I meet are stressed and we’ll be glad when it’s all over. For those of you who love the frantic build up to the holiday season then that’s fine and this read won’t apply to you, it’s for those who find it all too busy & so become stressed. So I just wanted to share some thoughts I was having, hope that’s ok? Keen to hear your views also.


Do we really need to be so busy? I can’t help but wonder. I understand that there may be the odd work places where yes there are more orders coming in before Christmas like Catering for Christmas Functions. But then can we not have celebrations during the year, maybe even at the end of the financial year? In April and the employers can take their staff out then and say job well done.  And retail shops get busier as people are buying more gifts. But…

I wonder can many other tasks not wait and be done after the holidays, does it really matter if the house renovations aren’t finished or if you have not caught up with all your work or completed certain tasks does it really matter?  After all if it’s been that way all year why the sudden rush now to get things completed?  So does everything need to be squared up by the holidays? Why put the pressure on yourself or your staff?  You are returning back to work later are you not? Does the spring cleaning of your home need to be done now at this time? I understand things and jobs are lovely to have done and completed but at what expense?

Also I can’t help but wonder do we somehow attract busyness? Create it ourselves to come? Maybe in through our speech, our words? Bit like the law of attraction goes into motion, as we seem to have a natural presumption that come November life is going to get hectic and sure enough its does, it’s like maybe we do it to ourselves? (Just a thought) Do we need to change our thinking? Tomorrow does still exist.

So can we not keep things in perspective? Life does not come to an end come 25th December, it is not dooms day that we must get it all done before hand. If so it just so takes the joy out of Christmas, the holiday season and many people end up exhausted. I always see Christmas the “festive season” as a time to be with loved ones be it family and friends to be grateful for them and share the day or the next few days with those key special people in our life somehow maybe over a meal of some kind. That’s pretty much it. Plus you don’t need to catch up with everyone before Christmas, wish them a Merry Christmas, txt, ph, send them a card and you will see them again, if it’s going to course you to become frantic don’t do it to yourself, people need to understand.

What about in many cases saying to yourself  “Yes it would be awesome to get this task done by Christmas but really it can wait till later” or to a client  “I’ll need to postpone that till after Christmas” do we need to apply more boundaries around this time of the year? And to the client can you not stop a moment and ask yourself “do I really need to get this job done before Christmas is it such a huge priority?  It’s probably waited this long so can it not wait till January or March??”

What are your thoughts? Can we somehow for those who are feeling the pressure of the lead up to the holiday season?  Arrive to the day feeling happy and excited and even relaxed? Could you benefit in having a conversation with someone if it’s someone else putting the pressure on you as I know sometimes it’s not in your hands if demands are been made upon you, be it family or friends or maybe you could send this blog to your employer?? It’s just a shame that’s all that such a great time of the year can be ruined for many.  Traditions are good to have, creating memories for ourselves and family is important, moments of joy and laughter are great and this tradition is a wonderful one, it should be a awesome time of the year, pretty much the whole world is on holiday that’s pretty cool, so enjoy!!