This month I thought I’d share some interesting tips from an article I read over the summer and my apologies as I never took note of who wrote the article and I no longer have possession of it. But none the less it's worthy of repeating his tips to do with overcoming procrastination and many of you may find it helpful. I know it made me thing and come up with my own strategy on this.

The gentleman was sharing that when you try to stop doing something you end up doing it more. This is especially true with dieting. This is apparently a psychological dilemma. So he is suggesting we allow ourselves for scheduling in time for procrastination. So instead of in your day when you find yourself procrastinating from Facebook to listening to webinars or other social media switching. Just schedule a time in your day for procrastination. So it’s once a day and its OK. If you are a chronic social media switcher than allowing it scheduled in a set time for 2/3 times a day 15mins at a time that you know you will do your loop.

Why avoid it, beat yourself up over it because you may not be as productive as some people you know, just schedule it into your daily calendar, and see if it makes a difference to your productivity performance at the end of the week or day, take note.

I recommend you have an attitude that just may change your results so why not allow yourself to experiment? Discover what works best for you.  I’ve given myself permission to do so twice a day 10 am and then around 3ish and that’s it! Plus I allow myself if I’m feeling a need for a 20mins break to go sit in the sun by the river as my new working premises now is at the lower end of town in Trafalgar St so it’s a 3mins stroll. I come back ready to go again. Who would have thought to schedule in procrastination?

Let me know how you go, keen to hear if this works for you or if you have another tip.

If you would like some extra help with this just contact, love to see you thriving and getting ahead in the things you wish to be achieving.