Many surveys show that stress AFFECTS YOUR ENERGY LEVELS AND SO AFFECTS your productivity.  Science tells us that stress is linked to many different diseases, it is toxic to our bodies and if we don’t make adjustments then we will later pay the price for living a life continually in a state of stress. Some people even turn to smoking or drinking more due to tress

 A survey carried out by the BNZ Bank in 2011, found that money is the highest worry for 67% of the population.

But still, so many people do not bother to seek out the help required to sort out this area of their life. Why? Athletics have coaches, CEO’s and managers employ coaches, so why not get a coach for the area of finances?  The alternative I see is that people would rather pretend that all is well to their friends and colleagues than get help and bare the truth to someone.  It is easier to mask the symptoms of stress to not let others know what’s going on, but this lasts temporally, the anxiety always returns if it ever goes, if we do not get serious and deal with the cause.

Instead, some continue in a lifestyle where they cannot say no to their children or to invitations to go out often for a meal or purchase the latest fashion or deny themselves a holiday on credit. They cannot cut down on the groceries or the power bill. Instead, they are stressing themselves out, not sleeping well and working long hours to pay the bills and luxury items.  This is so unwise. We must Value Our Health more.

 A point to make here is that this area is your responsibility!  Fail here, and you will not be good for very much, or much benefit to those around you.  If you do not take responsibility, why not? What is your mindset around health and stress?   How is your present lifestyle working for you?  Really?       What is this kind of behaviour costing you?


How often do you find yourself worrying or frustrated about money?
Are you sleeping well each night?
Are you unhappy and working long hours to pay for the high lifestyle you have created?
Do you get easily irritated if money comes up in a conversation?

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