I wish for women to follow HER dreams and to stretch and grow and to confidently choose how she wishes to spend and save and invest her money. I hope for her life to be incredible! It won’t be the same incredible as my story because we all get to create our own tale about life and about money. (Yes, money and life are so intertwined that I don’t know that they can ever really be separated.)
Over the years I have found that financial education resources are missing. If you can find them, they are often boring and complicated. The financial services industry doesn’t want us to know how the cards are stacked against the consumer. The world of finance is complex and intimidating and that works to the advantage of the bankers and financial advisors. We are left to figure it out on our own which isn’t easy.
Not anymore…I can help!

I believe part of financial planning is about knowing your numbers and understanding the role that money plays uniquely in your life and getting a grip on our beliefs and behaviours with money. I also believe financial planning is about using those numbers and knowledge to plan for a fantastic future that can lead to incredible opportunities and possibilities. And then it’s time to take action.
Women who leave their heads buried in the sand are missing out on what could be. Let’s change that! Financial literacy is sooooo important because its impact is MASSIVE when we have dreams and goals. Financial confidence empowers us to live the life we know is possible, but doubt how to get there.
As a money coach part of what I do is changing how women see money so that they can make awesome decisions about their financial future. Financially empowered women can change their lives, the lives of those they love and ultimately, the lives of others through their leadership.
My mission can have an incredible impact and I am so lucky to share my knowledge and to be able to cheer women on as they forge their own incredible lives.

Do you want to join me? Let’s chat and see how I can help you get to your next step on your financial journey because awesome things are ahead!You can book a FREE 45 minute Discovery Call with me HERE. info@angelacheruseo.nz
I hope to speak with you soon!

Angela xx