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Angela Cheruseo is one of the leading experts in financial psychology! She is passionate about people realising that beliefs and behaviours relating to money, your life or your business have a huge impact not only on your ability to attain wealth or success but to sustain it! She is a leading wealth empowerment coach, workshop facilitator, inspirational keynote speaker and author.

For 12 years Angela worked in the financial world, witnessing time and time again, practices being administered that do not address the causal dynamics in the lives of those wanting to transform their financial domain. This frustration led Angela to become a certified Coach and explore ways in which people can not only transform their financial trajectory but also sustain it! 

Angela is strongly influenced by her Italian heritage; this along with her faith drives her passion today. Her father came from a small village in Southern Italy and was brought up in extreme poverty. He received no formal education, yet by the time he was 23, he was the head chef of the main hotel in Sorrento. Quite an achievement for someone completely illiterate! Her father’s drive to improve his family’s fortune helped Angela realise the importance of money, not for its own sake but for the freedom and options it gives in life.

Angela married at a young age, had two beautiful children and was very much a hands-on Mum, juggling the household and husbands business. For years, Angela was an active participant at all their sporting games and school activities and was part of the PTA, whilst managing the accounts for her husband’s company, and holding down part-time jobs herself, so she understands how to create work/life balance. Her two adult children are successful in their chosen careers. One lives in Auckland and the other in Melbourne.

Angela has a wealth of knowledge in the mainstream financial services sector, where she gained her subject matter expertise. However, what makes Angela unique is her complimentary expertise in financial consulting/coaching with a primary focus on causal and sustainable change. She knows beyond doubt that there is more to financial success than managing cash flow!

Angela is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Coach in the education from Evolve Leadership. This has provided her with both a synergistic philosophy and an educational framework from which ensure her clients obtain outstanding results.

Angela is passionate about empowering others to achieve their financial dreams;   seeing families flourish; building healthy relationships; finding purpose, mission and career. She knows that she is on this earth to propel others forward, to help people get out of their heads, to trust and to get into their hearts!

We only get one shot at life and we all deserve the financial success and freedom to be who we truly are! Book now for a free 1-hour consultation with Angela to discover how your life could be transformed! –

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Angela is realistic, helpful, caring, trustworthy, committed, non-judgemental, goal orientated, relatable and dedicated. I have empathy plus I love injecting a healthy dose of humor into all my coaching. I genuinely care about your success and am excited for you to achieve the goals and the change in your life that you really want. 


  • Certified Coach and Coached under the  Evolve by Choice Education and Modules. 
  • Certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from   NeuroLeadership Group. Specialises in Professional Coaching training.
  • Certified Budget Advisor under Kingdom Resources. 
  • A qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. where I have access to ongoing professional training and supervision plus coaching materials.
  • Having these three hard copy certifications, I am trained in a variety of skills from different organisations, means I can help you achieve your goals successfully with sustainability and I have a more rounded perspective to see things from different angle.
  • In the Banking World as a Money Coach having 101 clients to take care of. Which means I have dealt with a wide variety of people and income levels and know well how banks work, and very familiar with the many diverse challenges people face with their money and themselves.
  • Set up and ran a Budget Service through a community trust, for four years with 4 volunteer Budget Advisors I supervised. 
  • Raising two beautiful now adult children living their dream careers and doing the Books for my husband's Tiling Business for 27yrs.

The benefit of all this is you will get ME, my skills, knowledge, training and experience.

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Please note I am not a Financial Advisor, I will get you on the road to building wealth so you can take the next step and go see a Financial Advisor or property investor or bank manager, I will enable you to be clear on what you want to achieve with your money and what your next plan of action is.



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