Angela - Life Coach: for Personal & Professional Development.


My Story

Angela is an accredited life and Leadership coach, workshop facilitator, inspirational speaker and author.

Angela's background and training, combined with her life and work experiences, puts her in a unique position to help individuals achieve a successful balanced and fulfilling life.

Angela is strongly influenced by her Italian heritage; and the importance of family, this along with her faith drives her passion today.

Angela married at a young age, had two beautiful children and was very much a hands-on Mum, juggling the household and husbands business accounts and marketing over twenty seven years,  combined with working at jobs from 9 to 3pm herself. She understands the importance of work life balance and lives it.  Her two adult children have been successful in following their passion and securing their dream jobs after College & University life. Angela in her adult life has not been immune to the struggles and challenges of married life and health challenges with her daughter and herself with breast cancer.  She knows what it takes to be bold, strong and implement changes which are tough, and require dealing with dis-empowering beliefs to pursue a life of joy, wisdom and purpose. This provides her with both a synergistic philosophy and an educational framework from which ensure her clients obtain outstanding results. 

She takes a holistic approach in helping individuals become more self-aware of themselves been able to draw from a range of modalities and inspire personal insight and identify in others any limiting beliefs holding them back, give tools yo overcome and realise increased self-confidence to walk into their unique destiny.

I am known to be practical and solution focused in my approach,  bringing sensitivity and presence to her work which encourages individuals to safely engage in reflective conversations leading to discovery, learnings and insights. 


The benefit of all this is you will get ME, my skills, knowledge, training and experience.

Certified Coach of the Evolved leadership Development Immersion Training Programme, in 2017 where we were tested and coached on 54 different modules including

Business Productivity & Strategies for greater results
Emotional Intelligence,- self awareness, self management and relationships with others
Doing Leadership v being Leadership
Effective Communication
Obtaining a Sustainable Change
Faith in the Unknown to step out
Your Authentic Self
Mastering Your Inner Critic; limiting beliefs, Barriers to growth, lack of self worth, fears
Healthy Boundaries
Overcoming procrastination, self-sabotage, stress & anxiety

Discovering your vision & purpose, and so much more

  • Certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from   NeuroLeadership Group. Specialises in Professional Coaching training.
  • Certified Budget Advisor under Kingdom Resources Organisation of Budgeting. 
  • A qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. where I have access to ongoing professional training and supervision plus coaching materials.
  • In the banking world as Money Coach, having a client portfolio of 101 clients to take care of all their financial concerns.

  • Angela also set up and ran a budget service through a community trust, supervising 4 volunteer Budget Advisors, for four years.






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Ph 0273483207 or Skype angela.cheruseo


My two children