Wealth Empowerment Coach NZ: Meet Angela    

I  established my coaching practice "Wealth Empowerment", in 2013. My passion is to inspire, equip and challenge busy people from all over New Zealand who want change for success, in their life, work or with their money, in the areas of:

As a wealth empowerment coach, I partner, empower and equip people to achieve awareness and sustainable transformation with new tools, knowledge, and strategies.  I teach them how to adopt an empowered mindset that will encourage success in every aspect of their lives – financial, personal and professional – so they no longer feel stressed frustrated or like a “fraud”. I work with clients on time management, work-life balance and financial coaching using a three-tier philosophy (clarify, believe and transform) to help them identify what their goals are, uncover any disempowering beliefs or fears that are limiting them to believe for the best and determine the steps needed to achieve those goals, tranform themselves and their lives. 

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I’m realistic, helpful, caring, trustworthy, committed, non-judgemental, goal orientated, relatable and dedicated. I have empathy plus I love injecting a healthy dose of humor into all my coaching. I genuinely care about your success and am excited for you to achieve the goals for your life that you really want. Plus been a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation, I follow their code of ethics and deliver professional coaching.


Angela is one of the leading wealth empowerment coaches in New Zealand. Angela facilitates your journey of transformation around everything to do with money. She specialises in raising your awareness of how you are currently operating with money and what is driving this so you can achieve what you really want. Angela’s own life journey and working in the Budgeting and banking world since 2005, enables her to inspire and help others to achieve sustainable financial results.

Angela has had many years in supporting and teaching people how to manage their finances working in the budget arena where she ran a non for profit budget service and later in the Banking world as a money coach. She is a certified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation and Becoming a Certified Coach with Evolved Leadership under the tutelage of Founder, Sally Anderson – Global Sustainable Transformation Expert – This has provided her with both a synergistic philosophy and an outstanding framework from which ensure her clients obtain outstanding results. You can experience her coaching privately one on one or attend her Workshops Your Financial Freedom Unleashed or via keynote speaking.

Angela has written two EBooks "Master Your Money" & "Your 20 Money Pain Points"  Her Faith and her passion to help others achieve their financial dreams and overcome, to no longer stay stuck in a state of despair, confusement, or stress. To sort out and get real with your own finances as that has a way of affecting all the other areas in your life.  Has led her to do what she does today. Angela has always had a sense that she was on this earth to propel others forward.

Angela is a Wealth Empowerment Coach, Facilitator and keynote speaker.

We only get one shot at life and it goes by so fast. Right? So why not create the life you want now.  Book your Free no obligation Discovery Session today & find out what coaching is all about.

My Background 

  • Certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from   NeuroLeadership Group. Specialises in Professional Coaching training.
  • Currently studying to be certified as an Evolved leadership Coach
  • Certified Budget Advisor by Kingdom Resources. 
  • A qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. where I have access to ongoing professional training and supervision plus coaching materials.
  • Having these three hard copy certifications, I am trained in a variety of skills from different organisations , means I can help you achieve your goals successfully and I have a more rounded perspective to see things from different angle.
  • 3 Years in the Banking World as a Money Coach having 101 clients where I set up their accounts, created a budget plan for them ensured their accounts ran smoothly approved or declined loans for them. Which means I have dealt with wide variety of people and income levels and know well how banks work, and very familiar with challenges people face with their money
  • Set up and ran a Budget Service through a community trust, for four years with 4 volunteer Budget Advisors I supervised. 

The benefit of all this is you well get ME, my skills, knowledge, training and experience.

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Please note I am not a Financial Advisor, I will get you on the road to building wealth so you can take the next step and go see a Financial Advisor or property investor or bank manager, I will enable you to be clear on what you want to achieve with your money and what your next plan of action is.



Email me to find out more or to set up an appointment. Ph 0273483207 or Skype angela.cheruseo

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